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Why Winskart Cricket Fantasy App


How to Play

Step-1: Login to Winskart

Step-2: Select a Match

Step-3: Create Your Fantasy Team
Use your Skill to create your Winskart Fantasy Cricket Team from 100 Points.

Step-4: Select Captain and Vice-Captain from your Winskart TeamCaptain will Gets 2 Times points scored by him as per point calculation table.
Vice Captain will Gets 1.5 Times points scored by him as per point calculation table.


Stp-5: Join Contests as per your skill, budget and free available tickets and bonus.

Step-6: Update Your Team Change Combination as per your skill.
You can edit your Winskart team till last minute before match start.Enjoy the live match with FantasyEntertainment.Monitor your Winskart Team.

Step-7: Withdraw Funds withdraw your Winnings from your My Account Section.
You can also monitor all your Deposits, Bonuses and Free Tickets

About Us

Welcome to Winskart!!!

Founded in 2019, to play fantasy cricket.
We are a premium online cricket gaming platform that everyone can join for free or paid and give all the opportunity to play and earn simultaneously. 
It is the perfect place for anyone that has the knowledge about the game of cricket to earn – unlimited! The passion to promote games of skill is our mission beside Winskart.
It is an online platform that coincides with real-time matches and helps you accumulate your scores against the on-field happenings. 

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